03/02/2017 - Things are just getting started organizing this event. The rules for 2018 are in draft mode and will develop as groups and individuals provide feedback. If you have comments/suggestions on how to make this a successful Utah event please email

About Utah Parks on the Air

Utah Parks On The Air is a one day annual contest held the weekend before labor day for individuals, groups, or clubs to organize portable operations from a park in Utah and make contact with other stations in Utah parks. The contest also encourages Utah operators that cannot activate from a park, to participate from home, club stations, or EOC centers. Participation is also encouraged from operators not in Utah making contact with Utah stations.

For the purpose of this contest a park is defined as any city, county, service district, state, federal, tribal park. It is recommended for large groups to reserve a pavilion, or group site to avoid any conflict with the park management.

The Utah Parks on the Air is a great opportunity not only for HF contesters to enjoy a Utah specific event, but for ARES or EmComm groups to test skills and ability to make close contact with regional stations by leveraging near vertical incident skywave (NVIS) antenna configuration.


The 2018 contest will be held Saturday, August 25th from 9am - 11pm US Mountain DST (1600Z, August 25th - 0600Z, August 26th). The contest holds these hours to allow those activating from a city/county park to leave before the park closes for the night.

Entry Classes

Single Station- Utah Park
Single Station - Utah Dwelling
Single Station - Outside of Utah
Multiple Station - Utah Park
Multiple Station - Utah Dwelling
Multiple Station - Outside of Utah
Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Entry Definitions

Single Station - Entries where only one transmitted signal is permitted on the air at any time. Other operators may be present to help with logging, logistics, and taking shifts operating.

Multiple Station - Entries where multiple transmitted signals are permitted at the same time.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC): Entries located at an established EOC site, activated by an individual or group. EOC entries are not categorized by the number of transmitters.